What They Said!

My new friends, Buyer & seller
How many people can say they missed their realtor after the whole process was over with? Lois worked with us to sell our house and to buy a new one, and she was incredible through the whole process. She worked hard to keep our anxiety at bay and led us by the hand through each part of the procedure. She was highly professional and wasn’t afraid to negotiate to get us the best prices possible on both sides. We’ve recommended Lois time and time again to anyone who’s looking to sell or buy and will continue to do so. If you’re looking for a realtor who is responsible, professional and passionate about her job, Lois is your person.
Brian & Pat L.

Happy Seller in Shelton CT
Lois spent a great deal of time with us going over the fair market value of our home. When we listed the house with her, we felt confident with the price she set. She set the house video up on the website and developed very effective adds to run. We were shocked by the number of visitors that came to see the house since the real estate market just started to tighten up in 2009.

As a result of great marketing and proper pricing of our home, it was sold in just 28 days , and she sold it within $15000 of the asking price. It sold so fast that our new home was not going to be ready for 2 months. Again, Lois was able to negotiate with the buyers to allow us to stay in the house for 2 more months at fair and reasonable rent. This saved us the aggrevation of storing our furniture and staying in a strange hotel condo. We can’t say enough about Lois. We highly recommend her services to all of you thinking of selling your home.
Joe & Joyce S., Seller

Thrilled buyer & seller
We love working with Lois. She helped us find our first home, a condo, 7 years ago. When we outgrew that home and needed another, Lois helped us sell the condo and buy our new home. She not only has all of the qualities necessary to make a fabulous realtor – hard working, responsive, well-informed about the market, savvy negotiating skills, team player – but she is a wonderful human being and a great person to be around, which is very important when you are spending your weekends with this person looking at houses! She is funny and bright and warm and is a real consensus-builder. People in the industry (other realtors, mortgage brokers, etc.) respect her for these qualities and it makes a big difference when you are trying to get things done. I can’t say enough good things about Lois!
Lindsay & Mike S

Most Appreciative Buyer
Lois was extremely helpful and worked tirelessly with our busy schedule to show us homes. Everytime we went looking at a house she was very knowledgable and it was evident that she took the time to research each place she showed. She worked around our busy schedule to show us homes on several weekends. I highly recommend her as your next realtor. Lois will work with you to ensure you know the home buying process and that the home you select is the right one for you.
Larry & Alicia

Satisfied Buyer & Seller
Lois has not only helped us sell our homes, she was also the realtor who helped us buy our last home. She has helpful ideas and constructive criticism to help expedite the sale of your home. She is very knowledgable, always comes prepared and is very reliable. She has become a trusted friend. We would highly recommend her in both buying and selling your home.
Kathy D

Happy Buyer in Monroe CT
Lois is a “Best in Class”, top notch realtor who gives 110% in all aspects of buying or selling a property. We have worked with Lois on several properties now and will continue to work with her for any future needs as well. Lois has a complete and comprehensive knowledge of every aspect of the real estate transaction, from a vast local knowledge of properties and values to legal questions and financials. One point during the purchase of our latest home, we needed pictures for an appraisal and the bank’s appraiser wouldn’t take pictures of the house until the large amount of snow melted because he didn’t want to ruin his shoes. We weren’t even aware of this at the time, but to keep the closing on time, Lois went to the house and took pictures knee high in snow on a sub-freezing day in February and kept us on schedule. We only found out later on after the closing that she did this and didn’t even attempt to get credit for the effort. She did that for us, so we could have a smooth closing and that is the type of top notch and “extra mile” service she provides. And this is just one example out of more than we can count. Anyone who is fortunate enough to work with Lois will not only have their definition of a realtor changed forever, but also wonder how they have gotten by without her in the past.
Keith W, Buyer